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2022 Donation Heifer

When we were asked to donate a heifer we set out to pick something of high quality. A granddaughter of the legendary Maybarry 064X.
With the right care this heifer will show very competitively and make a very nice cow. Get in on a great opportunity! 

2022 Donation Heifer - BCC RIHANNA 2152K - Reg# 44369106

We will have 10 fancy heifer calves and 3 show steer prospects that have already been consigned to the sale. We encourage any juniors planning to purchase a Hereford to complete the NDHA Junior Heifer Grant Application. The NDHA will award (3) $250 grants and Larry and Richard Tinjum is awarding a $500 heifer grant in memory of Andrew Dosch, Powers Lake, ND. The applications are due by email or mail be December 1st or hand delivered to Joana Friesz by 11 AM on Saturday, December 3rd prior to the sale.

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2022 Heifer Grant Application
PDF - Click to View/Download
NEW/JUST ADDED – 4 - $500 Hereford grants added to the 4 already being offered.